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Enji Corp, rooted in totalitarianism, is determined to bend people and ecosystems to their order. In the name of “Unified Freedom” Their troops ruthlessly wipe out all populations and life throughout the solar system. 

A security officer and former Enji Corp soldier who barely survived one of the bloodiest battles in recent memory, has uncovered the government’s distorted plans for homeworlds and life itself. 

Facing a mysterious illness, she is determined to stop them at all costs. Using a stolen military bio-weapon, she threatens to halt their hostile takeovers and save one of the last remaining worlds.

Enji Corp has posted an extravagant reward for her capture. An interstellar bounty hunter tracks her down to a quarantined forest moon.

Director Statement

A note about my first film. 

As a 6-year-old kid fresh off the boat from the Philippines, the magic of cinema captivated me at a really early age. More specifically Sci-Fi adventure films like Star Wars and Back to the Future. I didn’t know what to make of it. The images of space ships and cars flying around really stuck with me as a kid. It engaged my imagination more than anything else in my life at the time and led me to a creative path that I’ve chosen to follow to this day. 

This film is meant to tell a story about real human struggles between self-doubt, camaraderie, and redemption. Set in a Science Fiction universe with a rich backstory. 

Even though this backstory isn’t directly seen in the film it helped with the ideation of the characters, the direction of the performances, and the conceptualization of the props and costumes. This attention to the world-building aspects is intentional as our goal is to expand this universe to a long-form episodic series. 

Egress is an independent small budget Sci-fi short film crafted by a dedicated group of cast members, crew, and creatives that brought their individual expertise to the project. This film is just a glimpse into this world.  Our goal is to bring the world and characters of Egress to audiences who crave a good Sci-fi Adventure Story. 

Thank you for watching and I hope you enjoy this film.




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